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Welcome to, the site with all you could need for the festive season and more!

Welcome to

With millions of people worldwide joining in with the festivities there is so much we share. On this site we take a look at many of the traditions along with what is good to wear for the party season.

The site is bursting with great things; we've got information on the history behind Christmas celebrations, a special message from a country Vicar and even a page with some of the worst Christmas jokes you could ever want (incidentally, what are you suffering from if you are afraid of Santa? Claustrophobia! - Told you the jokes were bad!!!)

We held a very quick poll about the difference between Santa and Father Christmas and many of you let us down! Naturally we have assembled a wonderful collection of Christmas costumes covering all kinds of areas, with a special section for Nativity and we even take a look at the British love of Panto.

Magic elf looking forward to Christmas

Here at we believe that Christmas is not just one day, it is the whole party season through to New Year, then we start getting ready for next Christmas. Our friends over at plan Christmas orders on buying trips around the world, starting early New Year. It is not just Santa and Father Christmas costumes, there is a whole dressing-up box of fancy dress outfits for the festive and New Year season and beyond!

We hope this seasonal site will grow quicker than a Christmas present list (we've got a few ideas there!) so keep coming back. As a user of this site you are important to us! Naturally, we would love to hear from you with your suggestions, recipes, tips and hints for a great Xmas, so please KEEP IN TOUCH!